Birch Estate Simulated Shoot

The Guns Day Shoot

Simulated Game Shooting at Birch Estate

A full day’s excitement in the traditional style.

We tailor each day to the individual clients’ requirements, but a typical Guns Day is as follows:

  • Meet at 9.30am at our shooting lodge, Birch Hall
  • Coffee and bacon rolls on arrival, a health and safety talk, gun instruction if necessary and draw numbers
  • First drive: a fun opener to get the eye in
  • Second drive: challenging mixed partridges and pheasants
  • A break for soft drinks and sloe gin snifter
  • Third drive: bursting partridges over hedges
  • Delicious home cooked two course lunch
  • Fourth drive: no snoozing after lunch with a fast partridge drive
  • Fifth drive: very high pheasants; competition time?!
  • Tea and then home

Clients on a full Guns Day would expect to see a total of between 3,000 and 5,000 clays, this being equivalent to a 1,000 to 1,500 live bird day.

Cost of Guns Day (prices inc.VAT):

Full day eight guns From £225.00 per person
Gun hire £40.00 per session*
Cartridges - 12 gauge £20.00 per 100
Loader / instructor £70.00 per day

*Two can share one gun

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So realistic it took me three drives to realise we weren’t shooting live game! Fantastic clays. The best I have seen since Cassius!

- Max Gregson