Birch Estate Simulated Shoot

The Boundary Day Shoot

Simulated Game Shooting at Birch Estate

Absolute fun guaranteed on our most affordable full day.

We tailor each day to the individual clients’ requirements, but a typical Boundary Day is as follows:

  • Meet at 9.30am at our shooting lodge, Birch Hall
  • A health and safety talk, gun instruction if necessary and draw numbers
  • First drive: a gentle opener of partridges and pheasants
  • Second drive: speedy partridges
  • A break for soft drinks and sloe gin snifter
  • Third drive: testing pheasants in the woods
  • Gutsy ploughman’s picnic
  • Fourth drive: get ready for a quick mixed drive to work off lunch
  • Fifth drive: challenging pheasants; there might be a sneaky partridge too
  • Tea and then home

Clients on a full Boundary Day would expect to see a total of between 2,000 and 3,000 clays, this being equivalent to a 650 to 1,000 live bird day.

Cost of Boundary Day (prices inc.VAT):

Full day eight guns From £170.00 per person
Gun hire £40.00 per session*
Cartridges - 12 gauge £20.00 per 100
Loader / instructor £70.00 per day

*Two can share one gun

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The clay shooting was as much fun as a chap can possibly have with his trousers on.

- Alexander Walder-Smith